American Goes To Stansted

Beginning October 28th American Airlines will offer non-stop service from JFK to London Stansted. I know, I know - it's not as glamorous as flying into Heathrow. However, I'm sure it will be a lot easier time-wise (with lines, security, etc.) in the smaller airport. Also keep in mind that Stansted is where most of the low-cost European carriers are based so connections will be all that much cheaper. I'll keep you posted if there is any kind of a crazy fare sale closer to the launch!


Triple Threat Friday

FINALLY. Lots of stuff to review from one night out!

Friday night I went out with Mark, KK and her bf. We started out at Vino Vino, a wine bar/store in TriBeCa. This place has been on my list for a long time and I have to say it was worth the wait. The space 1/2 wine bar and 1/2 wine shop, separated down the middle by a glass wall. The space is gorgeous with exposed brick and a tin ceiling. Black leather sofas and small wooden coffee tables line one wall with a small bar at the front. The wine selection was varied and the prices pretty reasonable. We had 2 bottles of a refreshing pino gris ($36 each) that helped us battle the heat outside. I can wait to get back there and try a red when the temperature gets a little brisk out in the Fall.

Next we moved on to dinner at The Harrison, another stop that has been on my list forever. For an app I had the fried oysters with coleslaw and a bacon mustard sauce ($12) - perfectly fried and delicious! Other apps at the table included the bbq pork with fennel confit and watermelon salad ($12) - this one was big enough to be a meal in itself, the sweet pea pancake with Florida shrimp ragout ($12) and the local spring greens salad ($11). For the main, KK and I both had the local trout with an heirloom tomato salad and finan haddie foam ($25). I enjoyed it (not my favorite dish ever but very good), but KK had an issue with the fact that the fish was hot and the salad it was sitting on was cold. The guys had the NY shell steak with Tuscan kale, shallot confit and a spicy tomato sauce ($34) and the crispy chicken with summer beans, cipollini onions and a bittersweet onion sauce ($24) - and both of them were EXTREMELY satisfied with their choices. In the end, I didn't love the menu but the food was definitely high quality and I would rate this place as a solid option when in TriBeCa.

We finished off the night with a nightcap at Little Branch, a speakeasy in the W. Village on 7th South. It's a very intimate (read: small) basement space with quite a bunch of booths and a tiny bar. We started out sitting at a little counter but got a booth after about 1/2 hr (you have to put your name in). Aside from the overwhelming fumes of Pine-Sol when you walked in, I liked this place. Drinks were a bit pricey (and interestingly more expensive at the bar than at the table), but you are paying for the atmosphere. Beer choices were limited so I went for the Anchor Steam. The bartender kind of grossed me out with it though when she poured it into a glass and then used the top of the bottle to try to get the foam down (think the nose grease trick from college). After that I asked them to deliver it in the bottle. In the end I would say it's a fun place for a drink or 2 that out-of-town guests will ooo and ahhh over. It does have a lot of atmosphere. However, I can only image that once all the NY escapees return after Labor Day this place probably gets very packed and if you don't have a table I don't think it would be too much fun to be crammed into the small bar area.


Kampuchea Noodle Bar

Hi everyone. Sorry about the lack of postings lately. It's that end of the Summer lull. I promise to be back up to speed soon with reviews of all of the new restaurants opening in the Fall. Anyway, here's a quickie for a Summer Friday:

Yesterday at work we had a lunch meeting that was catered by Kampuchea Noodle Bar, a new Cambodian street food joint on the L.E.S. The food was a wide variety of Num Phang (read: sandwiches) and ALL met with rave reviews. I went for the ginger rubbed catfish with honey, shallots & peppercorn. ABSOLUTELY DELISH! Other favs included the garlic glazed Berkshire pork with honey dried chili and the hoisin pork meatballs (made with Berkshire pork, pork pate and rice) in a light tomato sauce. All sandwiches were served on a toasted baguette with pickled carrots, cucumber, cilantro and chili mayo (which gave it a nice little kick!). On their menu the sandwiches run $9-$12, and they also feature other types of items like noodle soups and grilled meats. I'm definitely going to head down to the actual restaurant to check this place out and I advise you to do the same!


Cornelia Street Cafe

Last night I had dinner at Cornelia Street Cafe with Kimmi K.. It was funny - a women walked in and said to her companion "it's weird finally coming here after all these years in the neighborhood". Even weirder was that I had just finished saying the same thing to Kimmi. I've lived in the 'hood for over 10 years now and walk by this place almost every day and have never eaten there. So let's get right to it - this place is really a gem. The feeling is very old W. Village. We ate al fresco and it really felt like we were sitting on a movie set. The menu (as well as the inside decor) is bistro. To start we split a special appetizer which was sunflower seed crusted seared scallops on a bed of arugula with a carrot vinagrette ($11). Light and clean for summer. Then we each had a burger (mine topped with blue cheese, Kimmi's with cheddar - $13) that was served on an English muffin (which we loved). The fries were great too - very competitive with the likes of Pastis. We also opted for one of the 2 special wines of the day which was a Spanish red Castillo de Jumilla ($30). We both loved this wine - it was a light red soft in tannins without being too tart or acidic. I definite will be hitting this place again. Downstairs there is a tiny lounge where they have music performances and show movies etc. - which looked like the perfect place to spend a cold winter night. Cornelia St. Cafe has been around since 1977 and it's always nice to see a bit of the old Greenwich Village still remains intact!


Tay Zonday is AMAZING!

Check out his new video. It's ALMOST as good as Poodle Fitness!