August: Osage County

Last Saturday Mark & I went to see August: Osage County, the new play on Broadway by Tracy Letts (Bug, Killer Joe). I went to see it mainly because of the buzz surrounding it and due to the fact that it was on every theater critics top 10 list for the year. Thankfully, the critics were all correct in their recommendations. We LOVED this play !!!! The story is basically about a disfunctional family reuniting at their homestead in Oklahoma when their father goes missing. The script is full of twists and turns as all of the families dirty secrets are revealed. This is black comedy at it's best! The acting by virtually all of this ensemble cast (many of whom you'll recognize from all the bit parts that they've done) is superb - especially by Deanna Dunagan who plays the pill-popping mother Violet Weston. This lady MUST win the Tony this year! The only minor dissapointment for me come from Madeleine Martin who you may recognize as the daughter Becca Moody on Californication. I love her on that show, however she basically recreated that character here with all it's deadpan angst which made me wonder how limited this budding actress really is. I hope she improves with age. The set resembles a giant dollhouse with action taking place in various rooms. Very effective staging here. Bear in mind that this show is in 3 acts with a running time of 3 1/2 hrs with 2 intermissions. Take it from someone who doesn't like sitting through long stuff though - this one FLIES by! If you only see one show this year before the Tony's, make sure it is August!


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