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I'm back. At least for a minute.

Just heard about Insomnia Cookies, a service that delivers fresh-baked cookies to starving students in the late night hours. In NY, they'll now deliver to just about anyone (if you live between Ave. A & W.S.H. and between Broome & 14th) from 8pm-2:15am. Place your orders online. And they just opened up a brick-n-mortar at W. 8th & Macdougal. I haven't tried the cookies yet - but who cares what they taste like - they deliver at 2am!

And speaking of Macdougal St., I broke all rules 2 weeks back and popped into a new bar called 124 Old Rabbit Club that is smack dab in the middle of N.Y.U. I know people - I TOTALLY should've known better! Anyway, it was TOTALLY HORREN - mostly only beer, mostly only beer you've never heard of, a super tight squeeze (thank god we actually all got seats) and not-so visually appealing. I'd recommend not falling down into this rabbit trap!


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So interesting. More information!: Insomnia Cookies Bye!

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